Quantify - Rate Time in Realtime

As most app ideas do, Quantify came from a problem. We were a few months into shooting interviews for our first feature documentary, App: The Human Story, and we realized that if we could capture some simple timestamp data during our interviews, we could save many hours of post-production. On a lark, we made a quick mockup of the tool. I mentioned the concept to our friend Ryan Newsome, who took a quick look and sent us a working beta after just a few hours of development.

We used this tool (long before it was called Quantify) to shoot many of the 46 interviews we’ve shot for the film. While interviewing the immensely talented Marc Edwards of Bjango fame, he noticed the app (in its hideous prototype state) and offered to hook us up with a design. We did not turn him down.

Marc’s design was everything you hope for in a great app: intuitive, elegant, and fun. With a new look, there was the new possibility that we could share this tool publicly. We teamed up with Ryan again to bring Marc’s design to life, and after many hours of development Quantify was born.

Quantify, put simply, lets you rate time in realtime.

Quantify Timeline

For us, working on a film about apps and their creators constantly reminds us of the possibilities afforded when, in your pocket, is a tool that can be shaped into almost any other tool. Add to that one of software’s most endearing qualities: if you solve a problem for yourself, your work can solve it for others. Quantify is our realization of this new reality and we can’t wait for you to use our tool to bring your creative vision to life.

We hope you love it!

-Jake, Jed, and Ryan