Importing & Syncing Quantify Data in Premiere Pro

Quantify can export FCP XML files that you can import into Premiere Pro so you can quickly cut your footage.

  1. In Quantify, record a new segment or open an existing one. From the playback screen, tap the Share button in the top right of the screen. Toggle on FCP XML and Audio export formats and tap Export.

  2. Then choose your preferred export method from the Share Sheet. For long events (resulting in large audio files), we recommend using AirDrop. Text and Mail also work.

  3. In Premiere, click File->Import… to open the Import dialog. Select and import the XML file you got out of Quantify.

  4. Open the newly imported Sequence.

  5. Drop the audio file that Quantify exported into the timeline and make sure it aligns with the left side of the Quantify data.

  6. Sync your production video and audio to the Quantify scratch audio using your preferred method of syncing. For one or two syncs, you can do this manually without much trouble. If you've got a lot of events to sync up, we recommend PluralEyes from Red Giant Software.

  7. Quickly assess where the best parts are and create something great!

Short Screencasts

Refer to these short screencasts to get a feel for how to use Quantify.

Create & Name

Record & Rate

Review & Export

Import & Sync